KBIS 2017 + Top 5 Kitchens

Dudes, I'm going to Florida! Woot. And even better, I'm going in January. You know, when it's cold and snowy here in Toronto. Here's the deal: I am super psyched to have been selected to be among the 23 designers and design bloggers for the Modenus BlogTour KBIS 2017. That's KBIS, short for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.  Now, I do realize that the show takes place in Orlando, Jan. 10-12. And I do realize that Orlando does not have any coastal beaches as shown above owing to the fact that it is not located on the coast. This much I do know. I also know, that if I find myself in Florida in January I will be doing all in my power to get my winter-weary self to a beach either before or after the show. Those plans are kicking into gear now, so if you have any Florida must-sees on your list, hit me with them. Today I'm launching my #BlogTourKBIS2017 series here on The Design Edit. The collection will consist of kitchen, bath and Florida-related stories in anticipation of the big event. First up is my roundup of the Top 5 Kitchens Inspiring Me Now.  Full disclosure though: the 5 is actually more like 9 because I still fully completely adore the 4 green kitchens in my green kitchen obsession post. Alas, as I compiled these 5 winners I realized that not a single one of them is here in Canada. Locations are the UK, Paris and Antwerp. That says something to me. It says that my worlds of wanderlust and kitchen design lust are colliding. Makes sense.

Top 5 Kitchens Inspiring Me Now

design + photo:  DRDH

design + photo: DRDH

1. Anna Valentine's London kitchen balances white minimal modernity with the warm pale wood elements. The refined parquet plays against the scrubbed wood table to create subtle tension. Details I appreciate include the legs on the cabinetry and the thin marble counter with low backsplash. Zero tile.

2. This kitchen had me at penthouse loft in Antwerp. My first visit to Antwerp was last week and I am totally smitten. When I move and begin my fantasy life there, this will be my kitchen. 

3. This photo doesn't show much of this kitchen but it shows enough for me to know I love it. Cantilevered cabinets, panel mouldings instead of tile and an antique portrait all get serious thumbs up from me. Also: it's in Paris.

design:  Li Edelkoort

design: Li Edelkoort

4. Lidewij Edelkoort is a major player in the trend forecasting world. I heard her speak once in Toronto and was riveted. I've been stalking her ever since. This is her Paris loft kitchen. It is unfitted and rustic and restaurant-like and a bit country and cluttered and marvellous. And, yes, a reminder: Paris.

design and image:  deVOL

design and image: deVOL

5. Lordy Lordy do I die for a deVOL UK kitchen! This one is the Thames. There'll always be a place in my heart for a great country kitchen. I still love my own at the Tweed House, which I designed 10 years ago, but this one is my current day fave. I'd do different lights and perhaps a different floor, but that island is perfect and, as a shorty, I do love uppers that rest right on the counter top. 

Come back soon for the second instalment of the #BlogTourKBIS2017 series where I will be revealing the Top 5 Bathrooms Inspiring Me Now.