Antwerp Loft Goals

Design friends, here's a little throwback to that old school 2009 way of blogging where you just post a few photos of an interior you like. This one is killing me. I've been pining for Antwerp minimalism since my trip there last Oct. And if you've visited before you'll know The Design Edit follows and admires the work of Belgian-born and Montreal-trained architect Nicolas Schuybroek. Please enjoy a few views of this serene, austere and stunning interior he completed in Antwerp. 

In other news, apparently one can purchase the interesting limestone and perforated metal bowl on that table above and it is of Mr. Schuybroek's own design.

I'll take the black-on-black (no price given -- you know what that means.) Find them at Gotham in London's Notting Hill district.

More of Nicolas Schuybroek at NS Architects.