Dream House, Connecticut Edition

UPDATE: since this was originally posted I have learned two things: 1. The interior designer is Kara Mann, which makes all kinds of sense and is why it seemed familiar — love her work (remember this post). 2. Someone I know (a design industry business acquaintance) is considering buying this place. If he does I will die of jealousy.

It had me with this photo and the description: Historic 1790 Georgian Cape. If I hadn't seen this and you'd asked me to draw my dream house, this is exactly what I would have drawn, with green gardens (check) and a sweet outbuilding (check). The price is even right at the absolute STEAL of $625,000. The location, while I'm sure is fantastic, is not really in the realm of possibility for we Austins. Transport this to somewhere within an easy drive of Toronto and we'd trade the Tweed House for this in a hot second. My friends, please join me to explore the historic and design wonder that is 181 Bruey Rd. in Norfolk, Connecticut. 

Here's that sweetie pie outbuilding. A two-car garage with and full lofted second floor that one could use as, say, a design studio or a vintage fine objects showroom. Also, a pea gravel motor court (because that ain't just a driveway, that's a motor court).

The house was built by a Revolutionary War Captain named John Bradley and later became known as the Joseph Bruey Farm. Inside, the home has been beautifully restored. It features original extra-wide plank floors and plenty of bright white paint.

The interior design style is 100% my cup of tea. In fact, if I were buying this home I would make an offer for the house and every last stick of what's inside. Every bit of it. 

These interiors are familiar — and not just because I've met them in my dreams. I seriously think I must've seen some of these rooms published. I plan to put on my Nancy Drew hat and sleuth out the designer/owner. Look at that sofa!

The original raised panel walls and granite fireplace surrounds are just incredible.

And there's a library. Because of course there is.

Oh hello perfect country kitchen with killer herringbone brick floors and stunning chairs.

A pretty settee in chintz, a oldey timey wicker chair keep company with a pretty cool mod table in the kitchen lounge area, which just happens to be bathed in sunlight.

Yes to all of this.

Upstairs this is the main bedroom. Bam, that's exactly the bed we have in Tweed. 

I has been wondering what colour to pain the highboy in our room and considering black. Black it will be. 

Did I mention it also comes with a rose garden, a stone wall and 6.7 acres of land. Sigh.

Find out more about this house and put in an offer on my behalf at Sotheby's International Realty.