How Dwell Might Make Me Forgive Target

Dwell for Target collection

I didn't think I'd ever look at another Target product with longing eyes again. I'm a Canadian who feels jilted so hard by that company and its greedy stupid execs. How they managed to so severely botch the Canadian expansion of Target boggles the mind. I mean, they are from Minnesota, which is practically Canada anyway. No matter. They had NO IDEA what they were doing. Not. A. Clue. I haven't walked into a Target store on my cross-border forays since the Canadian failure. Mostly out of solidarity with the poor workers whom I feel they truly screwed.

Looks like the good people at Dwell maybe be softening me on my anti-Target stance. The shelter journalism brand's latest product extension is furniture. The aptly named Modern collection includes about 100 pieces and most are less than $100US. Find the collection in stores stateside beginning Dec. 27. Now's the time to plan your Boxing Day x-border shopping escapade. My biggest hope is that these pieces don't fall victim to Target Better in Pictures Syndrome (pronounced: TeeBiPS). You know what it is. You see the items online or in ads and the styling is amazing and they are by a designer you love so you are sure you will love them. But then you see them in person and the sad trombone plays in your head, whomp whomp :-(, because there's something about the colour or the fabric or the scale or the messy merchandising — or all of these — that turns you off. Let's hope there's no TeeBiPS for Dwell x Target. 
Here's a peek at some highlights.

photos: via Design Milk.