The Best of Farrow & Ball's New Releases

British paint and wallpaper maker Farrow & Ball continues to celebrate its 70th anniversary with new wallpaper patterns released this week. The patterns (shown above in a snap posted by one of my Twitter pals Andrew Dunning) are all fittingly inspired by the 1940s and are called (from left) Arcade, Enigma and Gable. Here's a bit more about each.


The Arcade pattern is a rhythmic curved design inspired by late Art Deco design. Up close the pattern has a dotted or splattered look but from further away you can see how two colours are used to create a shaded dimensional effect. This is by far my favourite of the patterns. 

 Both of these green-based colourways are right up my alley.


Enigma is named for the decoding machine created by WWII deciphering genius Alan Turing. While I applaud the move by F&B to honour Turing, well, this type of trellis print is just not my thing. I am somewhat persuaded to change my tune by the beautiful styling of this room shot and the gentle blush colour way...


Gable is a stylized toile pattern with youthful whimsy. Um, no. Sorry, no. 

In other exciting Farrow & Ball news, today I popped into my local stockist to order up pages of the 9 new colours introduced earlier this year to be added to my Big Black Binder known as the Colour Book. 

Here's a look at the pages inside. I threw my pen in there to give you a sense of the scale. Oh my how I love scheming over these ginormous full-page chips!  

These are the new colours I'll be adding to my book in just a few days.

Remodelista Collab

Did you catch the collaboration between Remodelista and Farrow & Ball to promote the release of the colours? The series is a stellar example of sponsored content that many can learn from (including me). Each article features a Remodelista or Gardenista staffer trying out one or two of the colours at home. So much great inspiration!

Check out this post on Remodelista for links to the whole series.