H&M Home Spring 2018 Styling


I was scouting H&M Home the other day for an upcoming gig and was stopped in my tracks by the giant backlit in-store promo posters. Here's one above. I mean COME ON! How incredible is this styling and photography? Phenom work by Swedish interior star Lotta Agaton and photographer Heidi Lerkenfedt. 


I love how H&M, despite the fact that it's fast fashion for home, isn't afraid to make its products look super super luxurious. I know it seems like a no-brainer. I mean, who doesn't want even their cheap stuff to look amazing? Well, you'd be surprised.


I have encountered/worked with a couple of brands that insist on what I call "styling down" to their audience. So odd and a bummer. Even though I often work with luxury products and in luxury interiors, when it comes to my own purchases I like to save a buck, or a few hundred. On the professional side, H&M is a resource I depend on for propping interiors I style on behalf of interior designers and for sets I design for segments on The Marilyn Denis Show.


For a recent styling gig I picked up this pretty vase and the homeowners ended up buying it, which happens a lot. The colour is so wonderful and murky and the glaze is the ultimate chalky matte finish. It's a forever piece. 
PRO TIP: I almost always opt for ceramic vases for flowers when styling interiors because of how they conceal stems. Stems can look busy and distracting in interior photography. Exceptions apply of course (like when I might bunch a few bottle vases together and pop a sprig or two of greenery in each — great idea for casual dining table styling.)


Wow, clearly the location for this shoot is a key factor in its amazingness, but that's not to take anything away from the creative talent. Alas, I am inspired and I thank the folks over in Sweden for that. 

H&M Spring 2018
stylist: Lotta Agaton
art director: Therese Sennerholt
photographer: Heidi Lerkenfeldt

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