Jo Malone London Nashi Blossom

100mL, $160,

The latest release from Jo Malone London hits stores this week, according to my fragrance bible, The Whale and the Rose. Nashi Blossom is described as having notes of "bright citrus, fresh flowers and soft white musk". Oh my. When will Jony Ive invent scratch-'n'-sniff screens? Writer Alexandra Donaldson goes on to suggest the scent is "playful and crisp, and well-suited to wearing as one heads to a park or patio." Sounds perfect. And look at that sweet flirty bottle, or flacon, as they say in the beauty biz. 

The Jo Malone London brand is one of the touch points where interior styling and beauty collide. I keep a stash of the brand's fragrances, surround sprays and poured candles. Not only do I enjoy using them, but I have styled vanities, bathrooms, dressers and bedside tables with the products time and again. There is something about the simple containers and understated label typography that makes them perfect for photos. They say elegance and quality but not fuss. Of course, the fact that I also like using the products can be a bit of a problem because full containers look much better in photos. Above is a dressing table vignette I styled way back in 2007 for Style at Home mag. I'd do it all over again exactly the same, and in fact, this was shot in my house and all that you see there is my suff!

Have you ever seen this magnificent image? I'm not sure what marketing person conceived of this, but whomever it was is a genius. I'm going to keep digging to try to find some more background on it but for now let's just gaze upon it. So. Flipping. Beautiful. I honestly think if I were just walking down the street and saw cherry blossoms growing out of a store I might faint.

And last but not least on our little Jo Malone London appreciation journey, here is also some Rose Uniacke appreciation to add. Rose designed the JML HQ and it is glorious.

Jo Malone London HQ photos: Simon Upton