Life Is Short, Buy the Shoes

Do you know this old Pinterest nugget of wisdom?

I've scrolled by it many times and laughed it off. But then this week it got me. Here's the deal: since going freelance at the end of November I haven't dared to spend a dime on anything other than food, gas, parking and vet bills. A box of hair colour was a personal indulgence I allowed myself. And sure, ordering Thai takeout was a guilty pleasure (yet, still falls under the category of food). Freelance was new (still is) and is accompanied by an underlying sense of panic re: paying the bills. Freelance friends who've been at it for decades tell me this feeling never really goes away — it just fades a bit. Grrrreat.


Sometimes You Need a Boost

But this week at Margot Austin Creative was a bit different. This week I had two speaking gigs — an appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show and a styling secrets seminar at Cocoon Furnishings in Oakville. I've done the appearances thing before many times, but always as Margot Austin from X magazine. Never just Margot Austin as...Margot Austin. It's a head trip. It has been my habit in the past to buy myself a little something new for appearances. It has worked like a charm. You get a few compliments. You get a confidence boost, and you are good to go in front of the audience. This time that decision did not come easily. My hesitation wasn't just about curbing spending, but also about curbing the acquisition of goods. Something I'm working on. As it happens, I needed to nip into Michael's for some craft supplies for the Marilyn Denis thing. As it also happens there is a DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) right next door. I went in. I tried on these Louise et Cie Hermosah floral pumps. I left without buying them.

She Who Hesitates Does Not Have Fabulous Shoes

The next day, on the way to the gig at Cocoon, I bought the shoes. 

Even after buying them I considered taping over the soles, wearing them and returning them (I know, pure evil). But then I didn't. I wore them. I got compliments. I felt great. The event was fun. After the event I was pumping gas, since I rushed there on an empty tank (there was time for a shoe-buying detour but not a gas tank-filling detour!), the lady who pulled up at the pump next to me got out of her car and said, "Fabulous shoes!"

My new Hermosah pumps are a great value — versatile multi-colour floral pattern, refined modern D'Orsay shape  and a perfect heel height, all for less then $100. They aren't up on the DSW web site now, but they are in store and here is a link to some other great floral accessories at DSW.