Exploring Red Head Harbour, Prince Edward Island

Today we spent some time wandering around the shacks and boats at Red Head Harbour, which is just a minute or two down the road from our place in Morell, Prince Edward Island. It's an honest working port with boats to fish lobster, blue fin tuna, mackerel and to harverst mussels and oysters. Red Head is at the mouth of St. Peter's Bay, the most important centre for mussel production in Canada. The wharf is a feast for the eyes — so many excellent colours and textures. One time when we visited we saw a mink! I recognized it because, well, it looked like it would make a lovely wrap (sorry, not sorry). Minks were farmed on the Island for the fur trade at one time. Not anymore though I don't think, so the little gaffers roam free. Yay cute minks! Anyway, no minks today, just this: