IKEA Hack: Hand Painted Vigdis (plus Lulu)

I've written previously about the segment I did on a recent episode of The Marilyn Denis Show. This is another in my series of more detailed DIY info on the projects I presented. In previous posts I tackled the DIY Agate and Quartz Box as well as an IKEA Hack: Chalk Paint Dyed and Stencilled Vigdis cushion cover

This time I'll show you another spin on reinventing the blank slate that is the IKEA Vigdis ramie cushion cover. 

The Inspo

Ikea hack hand painted Vigdis inspiration

As with my other Vigdis hack I took my creative direction inspiration from two sources: Heimtextil and an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint seminar. This (photo 1) was only one of the booths that were filled with textile designs that had an irregular hand-painted appearance. Some of those textiles were block printed or screen printed, but many are produced using digital printing techniques. If you are a creative who is keen to design your own fabric you can hop right over to Spoonflower and get that done. But I was inspired to put paint brush to fabric. I had that opportunity at an Annie Sloan seminar and photo 2 above shows a fabric I painted. In this example, and the cushion cover here I went for stripes with a bit of variation — partly because I love stripes and partly because I am acutely aware of my DIY skill limitations.

You Need

  • 1 Vigdis cushion cover (or similar pure cotton or pure linen cushion cover), washed and dried
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in  Primer Red (or desired colour)
  • Pébéo Setacolor fabric paint in gold
  • paint brush
  • disposable plates or container
  • water (not shown)
  • kitchen garbage bag (not shown)
  • paper towel or clean rag (not shown)


  1. Place cushion cover on clean protected surface. Place kitchen garbage bag inside cushion cover to help protect from paint seeping through. 
  2. Pour a small amount of Chalk Paint onto plate add a bit of water and stir well to combine and dilute paint. 
  3. Dip paint brush into paint, dab a bit off onto paper towel or clean rag, paint directly onto cushion cover in desired pattern.
  4. Dilute paint more to create lighter shades, add Chalk Paint for darker shades..
  5. Once finished painting with Chalk Paint, apply gold fabric paint (undiluted) in desired pattern. 

Ok I realize this is more a photo of my dog than the project but I think you get the gist, right?