IKEA Hack: Gold-Accented Värgyllen

Ikea hack Vargyllen gold paint

This is the last of my 3-part cushion cover DIY series inspired by a recent segment I produced for The Marilyn Denis Show. This one isn't in the styled vignette because it was the one I actually demonstrated doing on the show — in about 3 seconds. During set up and rehearsal the day before the show producer Nicholas Vasil and I determined that I needed a quick and easy version of the painting DIY for an on-camera demo. I wanted to show the idea of embellishing an existing print fabric with gold. Et Voilà. 

The Inspo

Ikea hack Vargyllen and Kelly Wearstler china

My jumping off point for this creative direction was as simple as the project itself — I was aiming to give the IKEA Värgyllen cushion cover a dose of Kelly Wearstler style inspired by her Mulholland china pattern for Pickard. I first came across the Vägryllen last year when I used a couple in a cottage makeover project that you will see published in the August issue of Canadian House & Home, which is hitting newsstands any day now. This cushion cover is a fantastic decorator staple and costs SEVEN DOLLARS!! That's $7. Actually no, less than that: SIX DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENTS. It KILLS.

You Need

IKEA hack Vargyllen with gold paint materials
  • 1 IKEA Värgyllen cushion cover
  • painter's tape
  • paint brush (I used a stencil brush, you can use whatever paint brush you have)
  • Pébéo Setacolor fabric paint in gold


OK people, are you ready for the second simplest DIY instructions I've ever written? Here goes:

  1. Use painter's tape to tape off the gold stick shapes.
  2. Paint the taped off areas. Remove tape immediately.
  3. Allow paint to dry.
  4. Iron to set paint according to paint packaging instructions.
  5. Nope, there is no step 5. You are done. (Although, entre nous, I think mine could use another gold stick right in the centre there...)