Miles Redd Cottage, Fire Island, NY

Ok, here's a funny thing. When I first visited the Kawarthas area cottage I designed that is in the August 2016 issue of House & Home (and the video here), I thought to myself — we either keep the cedar walls and ceiling as is and make sure every stick of furniture we put in is white, or we paint it white and then add whatever furniture we want. I chose the latter. This superstar designer, Miles Redd, chose the former for his cedar-clad place on Fire Island. So fun to see this approach!

But what's even more fun is this video...which is so amusing and clever and funny and pretty. Miles, if you ever give up on the decorating biz you should try acting!

See the full slide show of Miles Redd's Fire Island place in the July 15, 2016 issue of T The New York Times Style Magazine.