Muji's Answer to the Umbrella Prayers You Didn't Know You Had

Now before you jump to any conclusions about why I love the Muji Foldable Umbrella, there's a lot more to it than the fact it's from Muji and it's Black Watch Tartan. Mind you, those two facts alone certainly go a long way to endear it to me. But it has more to recommend it.

This baby is equipped with a special reverse folding system, meaning it collapses onto itself, thus saving your fabulous outfit from pesky drips.

I has a two-sided snap so you can wrap and fasten it whichever way your little heart desires. Clever.

It comes with a handy protective sleeve (as I realize most umbrellas do), but this one accommodates the umbrella collapsed at two different lengths. Leave it long if you like the swagger of using an off-duty umbrella as a walking stick. (Do you do this? I totally do and may or may not hum/sing Mary Poppins tunes while doing so). Or, collapse that thing right down to smallness and stash it in your bag or luggage. So. Mujified.

photos: Projexity

photos: Projexity

Here's a glimpse at the many moves of the Muji Foldable Umbrella. Thank you Muji. With one of these I will be ready for April showers and so will you.