#StartFooding IKEA Toronto Pop-Up

So apparently pop-ups are still a thing. Recently I managed to sneak into the latest IKEA pop-up at King & John streets in Toronto for a preview ahead of the crowds. The event is all about food. The hashtag is #StartFooding. Huh? Odd, but it does have a kooky lightheartedness about it, which is a good fit for IKEA and the event itself. 

The people at IKEA want you to think differently about food and to know they sell food. Lots of new food products. You can actually buy them right here. You take a wooden spoon that has a blue dot on the back. You touch the dot to the corresponding dot on a food item info card, and your wish list is sent to the IKEA minions in the back room picking and packing your order. It feels a bit like a game show. 

I’m all about the Chokladkrokant. Yes that’s right people, chocolate spread with butterscotch pieces in it. Oh myyyyyy. Guess I will have to add this to my list of IKEA food faves, which also includes $1 breakfast, coffee, cinnamon buns, the shrimp and egg open-faced sandwich, dark chocolate bars and last but not least, the lingonberry concentrate (a key ingred. in a cocktail I invented called The Stockholm Syndrome). PS, you can’t make me eat that soft serve. Never.

I’m not sure I was a total convert to this particular concept. Aren't we thinking about food enough lately? But I liked the break-the-rules spirit of this event, which invites you to eat dessert first and confess your food quirks on a giant blackboard (um, no). Nonetheless there were some fun elements. Here’s a tour of my faves.

And last but not least it was fun to meet this fella. Chef Roger Mooking was on hand prepping for the evening event. What a bundle of energy! I put him on the spot and asked “What’s your favourite IKEA thing that you’ve been working with?” Without missing a beat he snagged this item from the counter and gave it the full sales pitch. “Use it for water, wine, flowers…whatever! I love this thing and it’s only like $4.99.” Couldn’t agree more chef — love the IKEA +365 carafe with cork stopper. Great value!

The IKEA pop-up is open at the corner of King & John Streets in Toronto until May 26
10am-8pm weekdays
10am-6pm weekends
closed May 23