Best Brass Door Knockers

I went on a search for the best brass door knockers, found a bunch, and now I just need this pretty pink house to put one on.  Not too much to ask, is it? My interest on the topic was piqued after finding and posting my shot of 5 rue Bonaparte in Paris for a previous post. Then I went looking through my Insta feed for more inspo and my case of #ihavethisthingwithdoors was confirmed.

I even found a close up of the door of this house. Fortuitous, since this shot offers such a better view of the door furniture. Don't you love how the English call the hardware "furniture"? So good. Alas, on my knocker hunt I was inspired by these lions and the serpent on the Paris door, so no plain rings made the cut in my edit. I wanted excellent figural knockers. I found them, and at great prices. All are under $200 (save for the P.E. Guerin one, but that is America's oldest and more storied foundry, so anything they make is a treasure worth every last cent.)

1. Pineapple knocker, $159, Nantucket Brand. 2. Lobster knocker, $140, Signature Hardware. 3. Scallop shell knocker, $130, Signature Hardware. 4. Lion head knocker, $159, Rejuvenation. 5. Eagle knocker, (price upon request), P.E. Guerin. 6. Whale's Tail knocker, $130, Signature Hardware

As I mentioned, my path lead me to a few don't-miss Instagram accounts, so why not give these people a follow if you share my love of pretty scenes of London and Paris? Click the screen captures to get right to their accounts.