Trend Alert: Z1 Lantern

Have you been seeing this light everywhere because I have and it's the next big thing. Or, maybe the current big thing — literally and figuratively. It's the Z1 lantern designed by Nelson Sepulveda. The Dutch designer is a principal with the firm Ay Illuminate and created a whole series of Z lights in different sizes and materials for the company. The frame is made of lightweight but strong bamboo. This giant version with a white cotton slipcover seems to be the most popular incarnation. I love how massive it is and yet somehow it is light as air thanks to its transparency and minimal structure. It seems like a cross between a kite and a blimp, and is a dreamy, more permanent and safer version of the Chinese paper lanterns that you set aflame and release into the sky. Those of us not blessed with the 12-foot ceilings of Northern Europe will have to hang it over a coffee table or the bed or dining table. But I must say I fall in love with every single room I see it in.

On this side of the pond, you can find the Z series at Homestories in Brooklyn. Prices start at around $700US and they do come flat packed, which makes shipping to Canada a possibility. 

By the way, here's a peek inside Homestories. I die. I absolutely die. I MUST make a pilgrimage next time I'm in the giant apple. 

But back to the Z1. Enjoy this gallery of inspiration. 

So good, right? 

Mr. Sepulveda is clearly a kindred spirit of The Design Edit, since here are some ceramics he has also designed.

So gorgeous! Find them at