Vieques Tub Bathroom Design

Ever since I first met the Vieques bathtub designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape via this photo I've wanted to design a bathroom around it.

And then I came across this cool bathroom. It's a Kensington townhome in London designed by Suzy Hoodless, featuring the Vieques tub paired with some excellent Popham tile. I considered it a sign so I got to work and here it is: my fantasy Vieques tub bathroom. Please enjoy and pin.

THE FIXTURES: 1. Flos Foglio light, Gabriel Ross. 2. Hub mirror, Umbra. 3. Odin faucet, Brizo. 4. Subway tile with grey grout, The Home Depot. 5. Godmorgon vanity with Odensvik sink, IKEA. 6. Odin shower system, Brizo. 7. Tunis tile, The Cement Tile Shop. 8. Vieques bathtub, Agape.

THE STYLING: 1. Blush Waffle Linen Bath Towels, Alder & Co. Shop. 2. Hub ladder, Umbra. 3.  Little Barn Apothecary Honeysuckle & Grapefruit Body Oil, Bibelot & Token. 4. Little Barn Apothecary Camomile & Rosemary Hair Oil, Bibelot & Token. 5. Pale pink dahlias. 6. Dark Green toothbrush, Muji. 7. Flådis basket, IKEA. 8. Ekoln soap dish, and 9. Ekoln dispenser; both IKEA.