Welcome to The Design Edit

Welcome to my new blog. It's 2016, why a blog? Aren't blogs dead? Are you thinking these things? Because I did. I have tried blogging in the past and it didn't stick. I wrote out rambling posts in fits and starts. But the truth is, when you are employed full time as a journalist, blogging on the side feels like, well, doing more of that same work in your free time, except not getting paid more and wearing a muzzle since one is still considered to be "representing the brand" even when one is off-duty. 

Well friends, I've had a meeting with the Margot Austin Creative board of directors and I have their (my) full support to write about whatever the heck I want. So, it's on. OK, so here's why I'm starting a blog and here's what you can expect.


1. I've Got Stories to Tell

You can only have so many freelance coffee dates and my existing client meetings are pretty much filled up with client business (imagine!), so I simply do not have enough opportunities to fully engage on matters of design. I need to get this stuff out there! Instagram is not enough. More of the photos. More of the words. 

2. To Build My Brand, Margot Austin

In my new freelance life I'm building communications strategies across all the platforms for various interiors brands. But I need to do some of that for my own little self. Walk the talk. Or, write the talk and photograph it too, if you will. Whenever I run into people, they say, "Hey, what are you up to?" I can never sum it all up in a small talk convo — or even on the About section of my main portfolio site. On the blog, I will communicate what I'm up to more fully. The hope is that this will help continue to generate new clients — MARKETING!

3. I Saw Opportunity

Sure, there are other blogs. But there aren't any other blogs written by Margot Austin. I bring the authority, skills and eye of an experienced journalist, stylist, designer, DIYer and trendspotter. My voice is mine alone. The Design Edit is my design-loving life, edited.


I'll be exploring design from many angles, but my filters will be Excellence, Value and Simplicity. I've written a bit about my thoughts on Value. Posts on the other two cornerstones are in the works (after all, I'm the boss, I set the deadlines). Please have a click around and check back to see how things unfold. 


Before you check out, let me tell you an interesting story about that door photo from this morning's Instagram teaser and at the begining of this post. It's a random beautiful door photo that I took in seconds while walking down a street in Paris in October. You've seen them. There are a million doors like this in Europe right? Wrong.

As it happens, I was Googling something and found three more versions of my shot taken by others. I remembered where I was walking that day so I Google Streetviewed it, and found it.

5 Rue Bonaparte (once known as 5 Rue des Petits Augustins) was the birthplace of Edouard Manet.